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Vivint Security is NOT a Scam – Great Company

March 26th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Business

If you the put the name of any company into a search engine on the internet then it is almost guaranteed that you will come across some bad reviews. This is just the nature of the business and the fact is that no company has a 100% satisfaction record however there is a big difference between a bad review and advocating that the firm is running a scam. Vivint, a Utah based home security and automation company that is also breaking into the alternative energy market, has been labelled as a scam on several occasions on the net however what we are hoping to do here is prove that it is a genuine and legitimate business and that the scam accusations are unwarranted and false.
Let us put this into perspective. The company itself has been involved in home automation and security for over a decade now (it traded under the name APX from its beginnings in 1999 to a restructuring in 2010) and currently has a client base of around half a million households. In addition to this it has received certification from J.D. Power and Associates a leading market research company that has a strong reputation around the globe. So, with this in mind, can we really call Vivint a scam?
The answer is a resounding no. When pressed, the people who advocate that there is a Vivint scam, cannot come up with any credible evidence that there is and the fact that the company is highly regarded within the security and automation industry and currently supplies to around 500,000 households surely proves that they are a legitimate business? If there was a Vivint scam then why would so many people put their trust in them to protect their home? Any talk of a scam with Vivint is confined to the internet and, most certainly, untrue.

Buying Financial Software Online

March 21st, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Computers

Almost every business uses computers to a certain extent and you would be hard pressed to find one that does not; even the smallest of businesses will now use at least one computer to help calculate and sort out their payroll etc… However, financial software can often be tricky and complicated although there are a great number of packages that can be found online.

Getting a software suite is your best bet when it comes to buying this software because this means that you can incorporate many aspects of the business’ finances all from within the one software package. For instance you can get programs that deal directly with receipts and expenditures so that you will always have a receipt of your outgoings. In addition to this software also exists that can make the whole payroll issue much easier and help to ensure that everyone is paying the right tax and also being paid the right amount and on time as well. Beyond this, packages also exist so that you can do much of your transactions and banking online making it much quicker and easier to send money from one place to another.

In essence, this software is there and has been created so that you can have a much smoother business process. Many places do still rely on paper records however this is not always the best route as they can become easily lost or damaged and it is always a better idea to have a back up or to do it all electronically. What this software and suite does is make everything relating to your finance and your financial records much easier to handle and ensure that everyone is paid the right amount on time and that you have an accurate account of all your financial dealings.

Reclaiming For A PPI

March 16th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Insurance

Over the past year or so there has been great controversy over PPI’s and the fact that many people have been mis-sold them. What this PPI is defined as is Payment Protection Insurance and works as an insurance guarantee on something that you have taken out as credit so a credit card or even a mortgage would fall into this category. It is there to help you make your repayments if you cannot do this because you have been made redundant or you have a medical problem that means you need to either leave your job or take time off etc… However, the problem arises when it transpires that many people did not even know that this PPI was in their contract and had been paying money towards it without their consent or if they have been mis-sold it.
This means that you either did not fully understand the details of the PPI or the company that was offering it did not even tell you in the first place or maybe you were told that this was compulsory when it is not. Either way, this amounts to being mis-sold your policy or you could be able to get a PPI reclaim that thousands are doing right now. Around 20 million people currently have a PPI agreement and many are in line for a claim because they fall into some of the categories that have been mentioned above indeed there will be many more who do not even realise that they have a PPI in their credit contract and will be unaware that they could be able to make a claim because of this. Talk to an expert about this issue and the chances are that you could be able to reclaim the money that you paid into this scheme if you were mis-sold it in the first place.

New Business Leads

March 14th, 2012 | 2 Comments | Posted in Marketing and Advertising

Perhaps the most frequent and frustrating aspects of working freelance or being self employed is generating new business leads. There are certainly an excess of ways in which how to create leads but sometimes it can be overwhelming to simply get started. The most common way is through traditional fashions: simply building network contacts within the local region, sweeping e-mail campaigns, and a profusion of online sites which tout claims of reaching hundreds, even thousands, of potential clients over night. Before the advent of the Internet and the convenient communications effects available today business men and women used to primarily rely on word of mouth to get those new business leads.

One forgotten source for reaching that goal is the civic library. Numerous business directories are available to any inquiring mind which can really go a long way to finding many new business leads. Many business to business operatives utilize local libraries which makes it a focal hub for not just networking, but also sharing ideas with other sales people and owners. There also exist numerous companies which specialize directly in promoting new business leads but if one is restrained to a limited budget or is not completely sure about their return on investment then it may become a substantial risk.

Although it may seen counter intuitive, recursion of past business leads can also pilot new networks which will result in some new business leads. Contacting past consumers, users, services, and owners increases the chance of word of mouth communications as well as exposure from simply showing up on the right person’s e-mail. Checking around for trade shows and industry events coming to the local community or region is also a great way to just build contacts and examine the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. Using that information to capitalize on a starved market will create some new business leads as well as open up new possibilities for profit.