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Getting Help With Russian Taxes

February 22nd, 2012 Posted in Business

Moving to a new country or expanding your business to a new region can be a very daunting task not only because you will be wondering if it can actually succeed or not. While Russia has enjoyed a relatively stable economy over the past few recession hit years taking any business and expanding or investing in a different country is not something to be taken lightly however it works then the rewards can be huge.

In business terms, Russia has lowered its corporation tax in recent years so as to try and attract foreign investment and business. Indeed, the country has been changed dramatically over the past 15 year or so as it is not much more open to investment than it once was however if you are thinking of expanding into the country then you will need to understand Russian taxes first and what they could mean for your business and also you as an individual. Hiring an external agency to help with this process is highly recommended as it can have a big effect on how smoothly the whole process of expansion goes especially in the initial stages. These companies can help to negotiate commercial deals on your behalf given that they are well clued up on the Russian tax system itself or they can also help to rectify matters if there is ever a tax dispute and this can mean going to court in your defence etc…

Even given the relative stability and growth of the Russian economy and the generous Russian taxes, when it comes to exports there is still always a risk in expanding to a new country however that does not mean that the risk should not be taken. As we said, the rewards can be great and getting to grips with the tax system is a great first step to being a success.

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