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New Business Leads

March 14th, 2012 Posted in Marketing and Advertising

Perhaps the most frequent and frustrating aspects of working freelance or being self employed is generating new business leads. There are certainly an excess of ways in which how to create leads but sometimes it can be overwhelming to simply get started. The most common way is through traditional fashions: simply building network contacts within the local region, sweeping e-mail campaigns, and a profusion of online sites which tout claims of reaching hundreds, even thousands, of potential clients over night. Before the advent of the Internet and the convenient communications effects available today business men and women used to primarily rely on word of mouth to get those new business leads.

One forgotten source for reaching that goal is the civic library. Numerous business directories are available to any inquiring mind which can really go a long way to finding many new business leads. Many business to business operatives utilize local libraries which makes it a focal hub for not just networking, but also sharing ideas with other sales people and owners. There also exist numerous companies which specialize directly in promoting new business leads but if one is restrained to a limited budget or is not completely sure about their return on investment then it may become a substantial risk.

Although it may seen counter intuitive, recursion of past business leads can also pilot new networks which will result in some new business leads. Contacting past consumers, users, services, and owners increases the chance of word of mouth communications as well as exposure from simply showing up on the right person’s e-mail. Checking around for trade shows and industry events coming to the local community or region is also a great way to just build contacts and examine the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. Using that information to capitalize on a starved market will create some new business leads as well as open up new possibilities for profit.

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