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Facts About Secured Credit Cards

August 8th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Financial Services

What is your credit rating like? For many people it tends to be quite poor and some – especially students or those who have never had a credit card – do not even have a credit rating at all however there is a way in which you can increase your credit status and we are going to look at them here.

Essentially a secured credit card works just like any other credit card. You pay for things on it and then you pay them off either at the end of the month when you are paid or you can pay a minimum amount each month and pay it off over a longer period of time. Both ways can help to improve your credit rating if it is poor however how can you even get a card in the first place if your rating is poor? Well a secured card is the way around this.

Think of it in the same way as you would putting down a security deposit when you rent a property. This is there so you do not take advantage of the property or the rent payments and it is the same with a secured card; rather than just being given the card free and with a spending limit attached to  it you have to put down a deposit which can be anywhere between 25-50% of the spending limit. This is the only difference between a normal card and a secured one and it means that you can use the card at will (only you and your card issuer know that it is a secured card) and see your credit rating rise as you use the card more and more and in an age when your credit rating is vitally important then this is a great idea in order to improve it.

Reclaiming For A PPI

March 16th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Insurance

Over the past year or so there has been great controversy over PPI’s and the fact that many people have been mis-sold them. What this PPI is defined as is Payment Protection Insurance and works as an insurance guarantee on something that you have taken out as credit so a credit card or even a mortgage would fall into this category. It is there to help you make your repayments if you cannot do this because you have been made redundant or you have a medical problem that means you need to either leave your job or take time off etc… However, the problem arises when it transpires that many people did not even know that this PPI was in their contract and had been paying money towards it without their consent or if they have been mis-sold it.
This means that you either did not fully understand the details of the PPI or the company that was offering it did not even tell you in the first place or maybe you were told that this was compulsory when it is not. Either way, this amounts to being mis-sold your policy or you could be able to get a PPI reclaim that thousands are doing right now. Around 20 million people currently have a PPI agreement and many are in line for a claim because they fall into some of the categories that have been mentioned above indeed there will be many more who do not even realise that they have a PPI in their credit contract and will be unaware that they could be able to make a claim because of this. Talk to an expert about this issue and the chances are that you could be able to reclaim the money that you paid into this scheme if you were mis-sold it in the first place.

Online Car Loans

February 24th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Loans

While having a car gives you a certain degree of independence, it is also true that they are not cheap either to buy or to run. Indeed, even used cars can be pricey and many people will have to save up over time before they can afford to buy one. That being said, you can get a car loan which could help dramatically in allowing you to buy a car whether it be used or even new.
Going online to compare car loans is the best way in which you can find the right loan for you as there are several different types of loans. The most common is a secured loan. Basically this means that you will need to put up something as collateral against your loan so that if you default on the payments then the company has some form of insurance against you for this.

Most people will secure a loan against their home and the interest rates for these types of loans will usually be quite low because of the fact that the lender is taking on less risk. However, you can also get unsecured loans in certain circumstances.
The unsecured loans will generally not be available to those who have a bad credit history because of the fact that there will be more chance of them defaulting on that loan and therefore the lender is going to lose out. However if your credit history is quite good and you have little or no debt then the chances are that you could get an unsecured loan which is better from your point of view. As we said, buying a car is not cheap however with the right help and if you do your homework on the internet and compare all the different types of loans and interest rates then you will get the right loan for you.

When You Need Cash In A Hurry

June 14th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Loans

While most people have at least a small amount of money saved up, few would be able to pay a major bill within a short period of time without taking out a loan. Unfortunately, traditional lenders have unrealistic qualification requirements, which means that you will be unable to take out a loan if you don’t have a job and good credit. Some people are turned down repeatedly before they finally consider auto title loans. If you own a vehicle that is completely paid off then you will be able to take out a loan against your car title.

Even if your car is more than 10 years old and barely running you can still get a sizable loan. You can pay back your title loan back early without incurring any penalties. Some non-traditional lenders will require you to give them post dated checks, but title loan companies only ask that you make your payments as agreed.

Title loans have saved people from losing their homes when other lenders said no. If you need gas money so that you can get back and forth to work you should consider taking out a title loan. If you are able to repay your loan within 30 days your fees will be minimal.

Some loan companies will make you wait for weeks before giving you a definitive answer. When you want to take out a title loan you can complete the entire process and walk away with cash in less than an hour. Use a title loan to prevent your utilities from being shut off, or use the cash to buy groceries for your family. When you have a financial emergency the money that you get from a title loan company can keep you afloat until you are able to develop a better plan for the future.

Finding Payday Loans Online

May 4th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Financial Services

At some point in your life you will have a financial emergency and you may not have the ability to rely on friends and family. Even if you have good credit, many traditional lenders don’t make a habit out of giving out small loans. Having a major expense such as a car repair or a medical bill looming over your head can make it difficult for you to focus on your work or your home life. If you don’t already know about payday loans you should take the time needed to educate yourself on the subject.

Anyone with a steady source of income can get a payday loan. You can setup a repayment plan that is affordable and you can receive your loan the very same day that you apply. Some consumers prefer to go online to shop for a payday loan because it is more convenient. Simply look for faxless payday loans and submit the paperwork online. You may need to supply your payday loan company with a list of references and your last few paycheck stubs, but this is only to ensure that you will be able to keep up with your repayment plan.

When compared to other lending institutions, payday loan companies offer the most flexible payment schedules as well as the largest loans. Once your loan application has been approved your loan will be dispersed into your bank account and you will be free to spend the funds as you see fit. You can repay your loan early and you will not incur any penalties.

Every individual payday company will have its own set of rules and stipulations, so it is best to shop around for the lowest interest rates so that you can be certain that you will get the best terms available. If you have an emergency expense and you are not able to pay for it outright apply for a payday loan so that you can have peace of mind. You won’t have to wait weeks to find out whether you have been approved or not when you work with payday loan companies. Get the money that you need to survive and pay back your loan at your own pace.